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ifishX is an IoT and AI-based solution that makes fish quality control more accurate and efficient. It is also a machine learning visual inspection system to streamline the identification of fish type and species and fight against fish fraud.


About ifishx

ifishX is an IoT and AI-based solution that makes fish quality control accurate and efficient. Using a machine learning visual inspection system, ifishX identifies fish specimen and combats fish fraud.



Fish inspection hasn’t changed in thousands of years. With our proprietary technology, we are establishing a new global standard for fish quality.

ifishX is a machine learning visual inspection system that uses innovative technologies such as IoT, AI, and electronic nose to measure fish freshness and identify fish specimen. With ifishX, regulatory watchdogs, food safety inspectors, aquafarmers and fish retailers can quickly and easily measure and store relevant information about fish quality and fish type. The device improves the fish inspection and labelling process, hoping to overcome fish fraud and mislabelling.

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In-store seafood departments and restaurants are the last line of inspection for fish prior to consumption. This line can be muddied, due to a lack of employee specialization in fish quality measurement. This deficiency can lead to the sale of subpar product and excessive spoilage expenses.

This can also lead to the sale of fraudulent products, which is a large contributor to an increasing global phenomenon of fish fraud. The industry status quo is only reinforcing the precedent of subpar quality and rising costs.

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ifishX offers a solution by assuring quality and lowering costs. The product’s AI-driven sensors can streamline the fish inspection process with little training. Employees can now quickly understand exactly what is being sold, leading to greater efficiency and lower spoilage costs. ifishX also combats fish fraud with its machine learning visual inspection system, enabling it to quickly identify the exact species of fish being transacted. This will not only improve the quality of your end product, but it also protect the health of those who will ultimately consume it.

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A lack of technological development has led to stagnation in revenue-per-employee in the fish processing industry. The status quo for fish inspection is dependent on human senses such as smell and sight which are both subject to human error and costly to train and employ.

ifishX is looking to the future of the fish processing industry, bringing a simple solution to quality control. The product is convenient to use and requires very little training before inspection is optimized. This innovation will not only reduce labor costs but it also acts as an additional safeguard against human error.

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